Friday, January 21, 2011

First pair of Cycling shoes!

Got some new and my first ever cycling shoes! I picked up these  Lake MX85 MTB Shoe from  Going to use them in my first cyclocross race that I hope to do this fall.  One worry that came up, nashbar said that they wont be carrying anymore wide with cycling shoes because they are not popular.  Is wide cycling shoes that uncommon? I take a 48 wide.  But anyways, They are incredible..  Can't wait to hit the mud with them.  Any pedal suggestions?  Need to be Strong, and have good "float".


  1. The new shoes look great man! If you're chasing a pair of pedals with plenty of float, I've heard that the Speedplay Frog pedals are pretty much the best in this department:

  2. 48? Is that a 13 in street shoes?

    Keep in mind that your feet are probably going to shrink as you lose weight. You might not need wide sizes in a year. And you probably won't be wearing a 48.

    I was wearing a size 13.5/14 when I was 400 pounds. Now, five years and 150 pounds later, I'm wearing a 12 EE in running shoes, and all the size 13 shoes I got when I was losing weight are oversized for me.

  3. Plus one on the Speedplay Frogs. Not the cheapest but good & strong with as much float as you can shake a cat at.

  4. Cycling shoes and cleats are a big help. Glad to see you've committed to this. Hang in there. It won't be easy, but when you're where you want to be it will all be worth it.