Sunday, March 6, 2011

First outdoor ride of the year!

Hey all... sorry for the lack of updates, but been busy riding.  Went out to Hartford CT today did my first official road bike ride.. All my rides before were on bike trails.. This was my first ride on the actual road, with CARS!!!   Did well ... Distance was only 8 miles, but it was in the poring rain, so seeing was a huge challenge... since both Cosmo (who I was riding with) and I wear Glasses..  To add to that, this was my first time in clip less pedals, on a new and larger bike frame, and new shoes.. So loads of new things to try and learn... Duration was 1:13, but we climed 585 feet.  So all in all not bad.. Have rides planned all week mostly indoors on the trainer but if we can go outdoors we will!  Some pics from the ride below.

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