Tuesday, December 10, 2019

The Spandex Theory UPDATED!


Fall 2013


My Spandex (lycra, skinsuit, speedsuit, compression, wrestling singlet, cycling/tri kit etc..) Theory!

My story about overcoming society's challenges with the support and openness of the cycling and weight lifting community.

 * if you see any mistakes or errors let me know :)*

As of 12/10/2019,  This Theory is under construction - I'm making updates and adding new pics. Sorry for the mess! 

Lifting Fall 2019

I’m a big guy trying to live in a world that is not really meant for big people. I have learned quickly that big guys are not accepted and should generally not be doing or wearing certain things.  Being big I was shunned by many people because of my size. I was looked down upon, called names, and often found myself as the butt of jokes. Big guys are literally forced to cover themselves up, wear shirts at the beach, no shorts… just big jeans to cover up and be ashamed. 

Shedd Park Cyclocross in Lowell MA Nov 2013

When I decided to get into cycling back in April of 2010, weighing 570 pounds, I got some big baggy cycling shorts, naturally. Heaven forbid I wear spandex (lycra); what if anyone saw me!  So I got them and started riding. I HATED them.  Boils, and an infection. It got so bad that I even needed medication to stop the infection. So, after doing some talking, and a willingness to “take on societal norms” I got a pair of spandex bib shorts, from a company called Aerotech design. They make bib shorts up to 5XL.  The first ride with them I fell in love. 

MIT Lycra/Spandex Party 2011 and Birthday Party

I rode only on a stationary bike trainer until September, 2010.  I wanted to take my bike outside, but was scared to wear spandex in public. So again, I did some talking, talked to my doctor who suggested I find a cyclist or two to wear the spandex with me, accept me for who I am… and ride. I did that and have never looked back! 

My Best Friend and Trainer Ed Martin.

Wearing spandex when I ride gives me the freedom to be me. I am not ashamed, not scared and I am not going to run and hide After gaining the confidence to wear what is comfortable while doing something that I love, that is helping me lose weight, I STOPPED HIDING. 

Providence Cyclocross 2013

While wearing spandex on my bike, I started to love myself and fix my self.  It also helps me deal with my depression because spandex is honest.  It makes me honest with myself and with others. This is why I think the cycling world is so open; when people can accept themselves for who they are they can also accept others and help them to be their self. You can’t help others if you can’t accept and help your self. You make the spandex what it is, not the other way around. 
Summer 2011

This, in one big guy’s opinion, is why spandex gets picked on. People can’t accept the honesty that spandex brings. They can’t respect how hard other people work in spandex to be healthy. It’s not about looking good; wearing spandex is about feeling good – physically and mentally. Rather than do something about it, people criticize.

I call this: The Spandex and or lycra Theory!

Now its 2015 and its been a little while since I did a posting... So I decided to update the theory that put me on the map... To date I have raced in 16 plus cyclocross races, I'm a USA cycling Cat 4 cyclocross racer and Cat 5 road racer.  I have put over 8000 plus miles on my bike since I started recording rides on Strava, and lost over 260 pounds in weight. I have a following of 21,000 plus amazing people on Facebook, and 5000 plus people following me on Twitter, Strava, and Instagram.  I have been on 4 cycling teams and belong to 2 currently, (Comp Racing, and Outdoor Tech).  But most of all, I have had the opportunity to meet thousands of amazing racers and cyclists of all types, abilities and level and made some really great friendships along the way. Its truly amazing where I am today, from where I started a few years ago when I put my first pair of spandex/lycra bib shorts on.. They gave me the life I only could dream about years back..

Summer 2014
Also I wanted to thank all of you who support me, in all I do in the sport of cycling. Its truly amazing.
that I inspire so many. You know my grandfather told me once; "you get a true perspective on life  NOT by showing people how tough you are, or by winning every race, or seeing how much you can lift or endure, or by how much money you make.. BUT by how many people you inspire, motivate, touch, change and help in their lives by what you do.

Interbike 2014/CrossVegas

Thanks for reading, and ALWAYS be proud to ride your bike and to rock your cycling kits/uniforms , IE cycling jeseys and bib shorts/cycling shorts, your skinsuits and speedsuits, tights etc! KEEP IT TIGHT!


  1. Wow, you are such an inspiration! I will never complain about my kit again. You ROCK yours!!! And perhaps some day I will have the courage to CX, too. I'm over 50 and just cannot handle a bike as well as you--clearly!

  2. Please accept my friend request. We have something in common. Steve Kazimir.

  3. You're an inspiration! Keep it up. Now following you on Strava, so no shirking! :-)

  4. Thank you for sharing your story! Keep up the great work!

  5. Awesome theory truly a inspiration to everyone worldwide;) remember life is like riding a bicycle in order to keep your balance you need to pedal 😀

  6. Keep doing what you've been doing !

  7. So sick. Cycling is rad and skinsuits are radder!! Awesome article, thanks.

  8. I am so proud of you! Great job! Keep calm and cycle on. And eats lots of kale. :)

  9. Great Job, Keep up the Great work....you are an inspiration to many others .......

  10. If you find yourself in the Philadelphia/South Jersey Area, let Action Wheels know - we (the Road, Mountain bike, and CX teams) would love to ride with you.

    Go YOU!

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  12. keep rockin the cross' race....you are an inspiration to all people of all fitness levels!!!

  13. Dude. You rule. I have been following your story for awhile. Cycling made me everything I am. It's about more than riding bikes or winning races. The effects of cycling enter all parts of your life in a positive way. Keep pedaling!

  14. Dude. You rule. I have been following your story for awhile. Cycling made me everything I am. It's about more than riding bikes or winning races. The effects of cycling enter all parts of your life in a positive way. Keep pedaling!

  15. Great read, way to battle through adversity. Do what makes you...you. Cheers!

  16. Thanks for putting that into words!!!

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  19. Dude you are soo Awesome!!! I’ve got a brother that just started riding at 285 lbs and is down to 257. He says it’s changed his life and is hooked. He’s going to do his first mtb race this October. I’m very happy for you and my brother and all that fights for their health. I’m not a skinny guy and have some fat around my waist and I do get a little shy I guess you can say. But at least what we can all say is we’re out there peddling our freakin bikes for our health, our confidence, and it’s so freakin Fun my Brother!!!
    Ride On and wear the heck out of the those Kits!!!

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