Friday, April 22, 2011

Trip to Middlebury Vermont, and visiting with the Middlebury Cycling team.

Hi all, sorry for the long delays in updating my blog.. Been real busy.... This week.. I was invited by McConnell Macky Franklin from the Middlebury College cycling team to visit and ride with the team in Middlebury Vermont.. So I did...  Middlebury is about 3.5 hours from Billerica MA via car, and the trip goes into the Green Mountains of Vermont.  Route 125 was quite the challenge with running in to snow showers down and back.. Its a very curvy and hilly mountain road with great views, and amazing sights of the streams and mountains... Someday I hope to do the road by Bike...  But here are some pics of my  two day trip in Middlebury. Thanks to McConnell Macky Franklin for putting me up for the night, and for all the great food, and huge thanks goes out to Mike Gaskin , Parker Woodworth, Matt Johnson , Molly Talbert, and Macky for taking me out on a great group ride yesterday.. You all have a great cycling team... It was great.


  1. WOW DUDE LOOK AT YOU!!! You are out there DOING IT!!! Amazing weightloss, keep up the good work! That is totally cool of the team to back you! My hat is off!

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