Friday, August 3, 2012

Adding Strava To my Blog.

Since people have been asking me. I figured it was time I posted my Strava data on my blog.  Strava has a cool app now that you can add a widget that update to your Blog page.. Check it out.. Oh yeah As of March 2012 I have gone a Distance of 1,317.5 miles or 2,120.3 km!


  1. Keep up the program guy. This is great and an inspritation to others to see you tackle this challenge. Found your blog address in a magazine. If you like you can check me out at
    Keep Pedaling,

  2. I do agree with you as it is a real challenge but these challenges also open the way for greater opportunities, and I would like to especially thank the cycling community for supporting the issue. I will be purchasing new bike at because I also want to incorporate the goodness of bicycle riding for improvement of my health issues.

  3. Hey Ernest, congrats on this "ride" of a lifetime man. This is awesome. I see the post on Strava - if you want to punch in code tedking2012 you'll save a few bucks on the premium membership. Sure sure, I'm a sponsored Strava athlete, but I really do love Strava from the top down. The staff, company, software, and interaction are awesome.

  4. Just saw an artucle talking about you and just wanted to send my greets for your inspiring story!
    Ciao from Italy!

  5. Thanks for inspiring so many people.

    Keep it up!

  6. G'day from Australia
    You are a legend, keep going remember I am one of many right behind you!

  7. Hey Ernest -- a childhood friend of mine just dropped from 300+ down into the 160s through sheer grit as she faced down her 50s...she said the idea of incapacitation in her old age due to her own doing was finally too much. She's now amazing us all by running half-marathons after a lifetime of inactivity.

    You have my best wishes on this journey--you can do this!

  8. Ernest,
    I read your story on today. I'm inspired by your dedication :) I tried to find contact information to reach out to you personally, but google yielded none.. so I hope it's okay to leave this in the comments section. I own a fitness studio in Kansas City, MO, and primarily we teach yoga classes to people of all walks of life. I recommend yoga to balance out the strain you're putting on your joins and muscles with biking, and to help balance out your nervous system, which curbs eating for emotional reasons (this is the reason I do yoga myself).
    I'd like to donate 15 hours of personal training via skype to your cause. If you'd like to skype some yoga sessions with me, I'll tailor a class to your exact needs.
    Contact me via phone or email. My info is below.
    Best of luck to you! You will go far in life with this kind of mindset. I'm glad you are out there motivating countless others. You're a blessing to many.


    Haley Z.
    Owner, Pow Wow School of Holistic Fitness, LLC

  9. great blog fella, how did you add your strava log, my blogger page (iamjammo) wont except the code? any advice greatly received by this blogger newbie.

    Keep up the great work :0)

  10. I too would like to know how to add the code to my page

    Keep up the good work!


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