Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Seth Haskell - Cat 4 racer, racing cross in one of the Verge Series races back in December 2011 

My good friend Seth Haskell has his own twist on the "spandex / lycra theory"  Seth races for Team "KIT".


I change to my kit and helmet as a monk would as he prepares for his meditation with robe and mala beads. I strip away all the masks i wear throughout the day, removing those pieces that are not part of what radiates as truth to my being, and cover myself in function rather than fashion.  I look in the mirror, a reflection of truth stares back at me, my opportunities clearly defined, to be imminently addressed. I ride to better myself, not only physically, but spiritually.
I am one with myself in a pace line, interwoven and connected to all those around me,  suffering along behind those who know how to suffer on levels beyond my current comprehension, those who i would consider mini Buddhas of the Dharma of cycling. This is my Sangha..my spiritual community.
At once I find myself present only in the moment, as I struggle to overcome the burning in my legs, to control my breath, and to face the a simple fear of failure. Can I do this? Can I push harder? Why do I do this. What is it for? There is no answer that comes to mind, no explanation of why, but as I reach the front of the pack for my turn, my pull, the world narrows, and it all makes sense. Nothing needs an explanation for the next 60 seconds. I am on front, and I find the perfect Zen moment.
I pull left and sit up, and watch the next in line strive for their moment.
I do this repeatedly until my body refuses to respond, a mini battle between my will and physical self, until the inevitable sets in. I watch as the group rides way, continuing their quest. I will never let my own pride or disappointment stand in he way of continuing on my own quest. I will return again, but for now, my Zen moment has passed, and I am set to return to the world, and I am better equiped to deal with the daily rigors of life.
Its more than a ride. It always has been, it always will be.
-Seth Haskell


  1. I was going through my favorites list, deleting websites I never visit, blogs that seem abandon etc., got to yours and decided to check for an update or activity one last time. I'm happy to see a new post since I last checked. I truly hope things are going well for you and look forward to be able to continue following your progress. Stay strong and good luck.

  2. I just read about your story in Bicycle Times. I'm glad I did. I'm a local - I live in Arlington - and I've also changed my life with cycling, having lost over 100 pounds through careful, healthy focus on eating and through a love of riding. I now participate in a lot of recreational and charity rides and am always impressed with individuals who take big steps like yours.

    Your story is inspirational. Keep it up. Hope to see more posts, and to see you out on the Minuteman or on one of the many routes arrowed by the CRW.

  3. Wait wait - did this Seth used to live in Minnesota??? If that's a yes... He's a good guy.
    Congrats on your entry into cx - so much fun!
    rleepenn from MPLS

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