Thursday, January 10, 2013

Nepali Tea Traders Sponsorship

Big News! NEPALI TEA TRADERS will announce today that they will be sponsoring me as a rider. One of the founding partners, a cyclist, saw that I lost my job and was down on my luck, so they wanted to support me. You should all check them out at ! And if you order anything, you should put the code "Ernest" in the discount code box and they will help me out.  


  1. start a kickstarter campaign for sponsorship!

  2. Hi Ernest.
    Can I email you? I wrote an article about your quest in the Fort Collins newspaper, the Coloradoan. I'd like to send you the link.

    Thanks for the inspiration!


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  4. Hi Ernest,
    Hope you're making progress with your goals! We are all cheering for you at the Cannondale Headquarters in Bethel, CT. Looking forward to hearing more about your cycling adventures!

    Best of Luck,
    Lyriel Jordan

  5. Hey Ernest! Just found your blog. Great stuff! How are you going? Still shrinking in size and growing in self confidence? Jen

  6. Young man,keep it up, prayers and bleessings. I too am struggling with weight, I need to loose weight to qualify for much needed surgery, embilical hernia, I am using a stationary bike, now. I am inspired to use my mountain bike again because of your story.